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TeamPeeta649 posted on Jan 05, 2011 at 10:02PM
Nightstar(TeamPeeta649)-black she-cat with smokey grey eyes
(Apprentice: Shadowpaw)

Tangleblaze(tanglebelly)-black tom with orange stripes and saphire blue eyes

Medicine Cat
Yarrowleaf(smartone123)-brown-yellow tom

Medicine Cat Apprentice

Cottontail(TeamPeeta649)-beautiful long furred light grey she-cat with bright green eyes
Diamondleaf(TeamPeeta649)-beautiful white she-cat with bright green eyes
(Apprentice: Mistypaw)
Streamripple(tanglebelly)-a brown tabby tom with ice blue eyes
Rightheart(smartone123)-hansome raven colored tom with heather colored eyes and black stripes
Quietstep(TeamPeeta649)-golden brown tom with green eyes
(Apprentice: Mousepaw)
Brilliantsight(smartone123)-white tortoiseshell tom with long hair and dark blue eyes
Hushpool(TeamPeeta649)-fluffy light grey she-cat with dark brown paws and green eyes
(Apprentice: Tawnypaw)
Roseshine(TeamPeeta649)-tan she-cat with black and white spots and blue eyes
Eaglestone(smartone123)-small white headed tom with bright amber eyes and white splashed chest
Peachmist(TeamPeeta649)-small tabby she-cat with light brown eyes
Goldenblaze(smartone123)-very pretty gold she-cat
(Apprentice: Vinepaw)
Spottedlily(Bluefire7777)-orangey brown colored she-cat with black spots and green eyes
Lionroar(Bluefire7777)-tan golden brown tom with brown tipped tail and paws with thick neck fur and yellow eyes
Honeyfoot(Bluefire7777)-dark golden brown she-cat with bright orange eyes
Scorchgaze(TeamPeeta649)-orange tabby tom with amber eyes (is gay)
(Apprentice: Willowpaw)
Moonfrost(Moonfrost00)-silver spotted she-cat with blue eyes
(Apprentice: Callapaw)
Shadowfax(LordofSeaguls)-handsome white tom
Lightstream(brownstar)-black tom with a white spot on his head and red eyes
Moonfang(Spottedtail139)-pure black she-cat with long pure white fangs
Frostfern(Skystorm101)-shiny white she-cat with light silver-tabby splotches and lime green eyes
Shine(brownstar)-white she-cat with ginger paws and blue eyes
Rivermist(River-the-Cat)-grey dappled she-cat with green eyes
Tigerfang(tanglebelly)-ginger tom with a white tail
Boulderstep(tanglebelly)-grey tabby tom
(Apprentice: Blackpaw)
Morningrise(Bluefire7777)-golden colored she-cat with white paws and chest with bright green eyes
(Apprentice: Featherpaw)
Ravenswoop(Bluefire7777)-slick black she-cat with white star on her chest and white toes and dark blue eyes
Lilypad(TeamPeeta649)-light brown she-cat with a white patch over one eye, a white muzzle, and grey eyes
Flintrock(tanglebelly)-dark blue/gray tom with green eyes
Silvershine(littledipper16)-pretty,slende­r,s­ilv­er tabby shecat with yellow eyes
Oakbrush(JustBe3)-black, white, and brown tom with blazing blue eyes

Mistypaw(KatieK102)-pretty she-cat with light gray fur with darker stripes, one white paw, white ear and tail tips, and bright blue eyes
Tawnypaw(Bluefire7777)-slim light brown she-cat with white and black splashes with fiery amber eyes
Vinepaw(tanglebelly)-orangy brown tom with bright green eyes and white paws
Callapaw(Bluefire7777)-cute creamy white she-cat with green blue eyes
Blackpaw(TeamPeeta649)-black tom with two tan stripes running from top of his head to the end of his back and green eyes
Featherpaw(TeamPeeta649)-light grey tom with white stripes, a long fluffy tail, and icey blue eyes, looks more like a she-cat
Willowpaw(smartone123)-gray she-cat with black stripes and white spots with blue eyes
Shadowpaw(tanglebelly)-large dark brown tom with three black stripes stretching from his forehead to the base of his tail and green eyes
Mousepaw(smartone123)-fluffy light grey she-cat with brown ear tips and brown eyes

Goldenblaze: Kits:Forestkit, Leafkit, & Amberkit

Blackkit(Blazingshadow)-gray tom with blue eyes
Forestkit(Spottedtail139)-black and brow tabby tom with forest green eyes
Leafkit(smartone123)-pretty gold white dappled she-cat
Amberkit(brownstar)-black tom with amber eyes
Whitekit(TreefrogErin)-lovely golden she-cat dappled in white

Saga(smartone123)-bitter sweet colored,very uncept with scars a nicks everywhere
Icepath(kittehluva)-white she-cat with blue eyes
Ravenbeak(TeamPeeta649)-large black tom with green eyes
Finchfang(Bluefre7777)-light gray tom
Crystaldapple(TeamPeeta649)-gorgeous pure white she-cat with bright green eyes
Fleecefang(Bluefire7777)-light brown she-cat with golden eyes and a long tail
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over a year ago Ninano1998 said…
....jibi...your a guy?????)
i talked to peeta bout it and she said she would think about it but if she thinks daydapple is better then i will go with it~ nina
over a year ago jbinthehouse said…
Lolz no I'm a girl XD tala gave me an "opposite gender" name so it's Nathan -
over a year ago Dovemoon said…
( K. can i be Minnowkit. like officialy?)
over a year ago Ninano1998 said…
oh...hahhaha for a minuet i fell of my chair hahah XD
oh i need her to add breeze
and stonekit...
over a year ago jbinthehouse said…
Don't worry shell will. Omg where were u?
over a year ago Ninano1998 said…
flame~ a light ginger she cat with grey strips and a white tail
breeze~ a dark grey tom with black stripes and brown ear tips
stone kit~ a brown tom with grey tailpaws, muzzle and underbelly
can u added them plez? thanks~ nina

where am i wat do u mean?
over a year ago Ninano1998 said…
*smiles*" we'll be the best warriors*~ stonekit
over a year ago Ninano1998 said…
over a year ago jbinthehouse said…
*nods* but wat about echokit? - windkit

Like y weren't u online?
over a year ago tanglebelly said…
I think you can Dovemoon.
over a year ago Ninano1998 said…
um....i had alot of projects and then we left the state for winter break so i wasn't on....yup...

*eyes widensn and shhhishes her*" what do you mean? im still loyal, and i can still be the best warrior, why are you bugging me about it????"~ stonekit
over a year ago tanglebelly said…
•looks around the nursery•

•looks and Cherrystorm and lays next to her to warm her•
over a year ago jbinthehouse said…
*shrugs* idk - wibdkit
over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…
Okay first of all I'm not done with the list. I've got a lot of stuff going on in my life. School is the most important thing to me so this isn't my first thing to worry about. I'm going to take some time to think about third-in-command. PeetPower I know I said you could be it but I need to think it through a little more. And please don't get upset if you don't get picked for it because that just lets me know you probably wouldn't be good at it because you can't be happy for your clanmate. So give me some time please. ~Allen
over a year ago tanglebelly said… worries I'll support you!
over a year ago hitori1998 said…
no prob take your time, school comes fist!XD
over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…
Haha like how I'm on at school right now.
over a year ago tanglebelly said…
Hmm I'm home!

•looks around camp •
over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…
Me too. Agh I'm so tired.
over a year ago jbinthehouse said…
*looks at nightstar* so when can I be an apprentice? - windkit

*bounds up* yah me too!! - fluffkit
over a year ago tanglebelly said…
•runs around•

•wacths him•
over a year ago Pennypatch321 said…
Okay! Now that I can FINALLY get around to this...


Blazeshadow(Penny)-orange tabby tom with white front paws and forest green eyes.

Curlyfur(Moonshine)-tan tabby tom with amber eyes

Thistlefurry(Moonshine)- dark brown tom with dark green eyes


Gorsepaw(Moonshine)-dark gray tabby tom with blue eyes


Lilacleaf(Penny)[mate: Blazeshadow]-small orange she-cat with purple eyes

Coralprickle(Penny)-light brown tabby she-cat with yellow eyes


(Lilacleaf)Lionkit- small orange tom with green eyes

(Lilacleaf)Lilykit- light orange she-cat with light purple eyes

(Coralprickle)Snowkit- small white she-cat with blue eyes

(Coralprickle)Stormkit- light gray tabby tom with dark blue eyes

(Coralprickle)Sandkit- tan she-cat with yellow eyes
over a year ago Pennypatch321 said…
Oh and Coralprickle's kits are older than Lilacleaf's kits by the way... :\
over a year ago tanglebelly said…
Hmm ok she will add when she gets on!
over a year ago tanglebelly said…
Btw I'm doing homework soo be on and off!