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Review by orkneymatrix posted over a year ago
fan of it?
Critics: 23% Positive.
Average Rating: 4.1/10
Reviews: 202
- Positive - 47
- Negative - 155

Audience: 47% Positive.
Average Rating: 3/5
Ratings: 92,757

"It's technically impressive and loaded with eye-catching images, but without characters or a plot to support them, all of Sucker Punch's visual thrills are for naught."


Gun-toting hotties combat assorted villains and their robot henchmen in this tawdry, repellent action fantasy.

Snyder likes to think that his Russian nesting doll of a concept is enough to excuse its hollow center.

It's close to what Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez were after with their Grind House double-header, but shot through with Snyder's own psychotropic brio (which is something like the unholy union of David Lynch, Brian De Palma, and Ken Russell)

The movie spins out of control, until it collapses in a heap, senseless.
Article by lolfan88 posted over a year ago
fan of it?
So I'll give you the story.

Me and one of my friends where talking about wanting to see this movie at lunch last year.(This was a before I saw the movie)

And my other friend (Who was talking to someone esle) comes out on no where saying: 
"You guys wanna go see Suckerpunch. Why? It's just girls in skimpy outfits fighting shit! It's just a guys fucking fantasy. Like come on. It's just fucking sick."

I just moved on with out saying any thing to her. Now that I have seen the movie this comment makes me kind of mad.

I don't really believe that it goes deeper than a "Boy's fucking fantasy". I think the movie was more about friendship and being your own hero(I know that sounds really cheesy) The quotes in it where pretty inspirational. Plus this movie had a 5 female HEROS. Which in a world like today doesn't hurt to have. It was prob my fav thing about this movie(Next to Babydoll) instead of have the original "We need help! Help us!" and a guy comes and saves them. They try and save themselves.
Opinion by orkneymatrix posted over a year ago
fan of it?
I'd advise reading this first...

Rocket finds Baby Doll and tells her to stay where she is. She says goodbye and thanks her for helping her sister escape when no one else did, not even her. Rocket says that soon, she will fade like Amber, but assures Baby Doll she will still always be watching, even if she can't be seen. Baby Doll accepts this, and asks about Sweet Pea. Rocket says that Blue's with her, but she'll be okay. Baby Doll asks if Rocket knew the Wise Man's plan all along, and Rocket says that once she died, he told her that all along only one could earn "the kind of freedom they want". Baby Doll says goodbye.
Blue is getting closer to Sweet Pea and asks her to obey him, one last time. She hesitates, and Baby Doll arrives, telling Blue to leave Sweet Pea alone. Blue says, "Oh, look, your little blonde saviour!" He confronts Baby Doll, who signals for Sweet Pea to run, and she does. Blue orders men to go after her, and compliments Baby Doll on all she's done for him, but its time she let go of herself. She reminds him he tried that once, but he raises a...