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misanthrope86 posted on Aug 05, 2015 at 07:45AM
'Suicide Squad' is exactly one year from release (when I posted the forum, of course...), so to pass the time, here is a 12 day challenge for all you SS nerds. If you know the drill, have at it! If not, just answer the following questions (either one a day, a few at a time, or all at once. Whatever floats your boat...). Some people like to post edits along with their answers just for fun, so as long as you aren't stealing other people's work, all edits are welcome! If you have any ideas or requests for a question, let me know!

1. Favourite character (based solely on the link)?
2. Favourite character (historically, from sources other than the 2016 movie)?
3. Favourite female character (based on the Comic Con trailer)?
4. Favourite male character (based on the Comic Con trailer)?
5. Favourite actor/actress (pre-release)?
6. Favourite quote from the Comic Con trailer?
7. Favourite scene from the Comic Con trailer?
8. Give us a Suicide Squad edit (made by you! Doesn't have to be fancy!)!
9. Song that reminds you of Suicide Squad/a Suicide Squad character?
10. Read the comics?
11. Your thoughts on Leto’s Joker?
12. What excites you most about Suicide Squad?

Challenge reloaded! Those who have completed days 1-12 can move on through these next challenge days, or start from scratch again if you want... or anyone can join in at any point. I ain't the cops. Do what makes you happy, puddins'!

13. Favourite scene from the link?
14. Favourite Captain Boomerang moment so far?
15. Favourite Deadshot moment so far?
16. Who do you think/hope the main villain is?
17. Favourite Enchantress moment so far?
18. Favourite Joker moment so far?
19. Who do you want to see more of in the next trailer?
20. Favourite Katana moment so far?
21. Two characters you want to see team up?
22. Favourite Amanda Waller moment so far?
23. Favourite Slipknot moment so far?
24. Will you be hemorrhaging your bank account on Suicide Squad merchandise? If so, what are you hoping to score?
25. Favourite Harley Quinn moment so far?
26. Favourite Killer Croc moment so far?
27. "I Started A Joke" or "Bohemian Rhapsody"?
28. Favourite El Diablo moment so far?
29. Most underrated character?
30. Favourite Rick Flag moment so far?
31. Favourite character across all stuff we've seen so far? OR if your favourite character is unchanged from the first half of the challenge and you want to do something different, rank the characters (based on your favourites, or how excited you are about them, or some other theme!
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