Suits Louis Litt Gay?

hughandlisafan posted on Jul 24, 2011 at 09:51PM
has any one noticed dat louis seems gay?
the way he acts at mike and stuff.
i think he'll admit it sometime.

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over a year ago epicdelena4ever said…
yes i think he is lol.
over a year ago invictagirl said…
I think he is too
over a year ago fallenangel123 said…
Yeah. He seems to flirt with Mike alot.
over a year ago ArianaBourne87 said…
Yeah he definitely makes it obvious.
8 months ago Dbl_Windsor said…
having no friends growing up and being a complete and utter LONER and awkward hobbies like "Mudding" can sometimes be mistaken for his weirdness, making him look pretty gay. lmaoo