Super Junior Which group Member that tend to cry the most??

HellXer posted on Apr 28, 2010 at 12:39AM
They are so cute when they cry..rite??

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over a year ago miss_siwon said…
huhu~of course he is ryeo wook oppa!!!
he so touchable person..really easy to cry..omo...
so cute of wookie~
2ndly is eun hyuk oppa!!=))
he also like to cry..
dont cry my oppa's!
but if at concert,the easiest person to cry is leeteuk oppa of course!i had saw it!=)
we will always support you..
over a year ago HellXer said…
big smile
hehe..thnx for the reply...
Kamsahamnida miss_siwon shi...
over a year ago Ayakane said…
I agree with miss-siwon. Both of them were too kind hearted and caring .
Kyaah....don't cry much dear oppas!!
Leeteuk too, such a good leader >.< !!
over a year ago HellXer said…
eeteuk always cry when their on tour concert rite..
he cry because he feel proud of his group and himself..
he cannot believe that they are famous and successful as they are now..