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yuri and donghae! do they have something...??  2112366thebest 15 15290 over a year ago
Is Donghae Leaving????  EraKibum 62 13199 over a year ago
Leeteuk's getting married???  donghaeleeteuk 30 11925 over a year ago
SUPER JUNIOR'S IS DEAD..HAR2X  anti_suju 62 8862 over a year ago
suju couple????  sujudbsk 42 7922 over a year ago
Only 13?  marslover13 29 7259 over a year ago
kyu hyun's plasit surgery?  rosh23 9 7212 over a year ago
Find Your Korean Name  Shunron 16 5865 7 months ago
SuJu favorite band member?  PixieJJC 70 5674 over a year ago
guys..... did stella kim and siwon oppa ever had a relationship?  lee_siwon 0 4214 over a year ago
Kyuhyun's Girlfriend?  lhadiea_18 8 4177 over a year ago this girl responsible for Leeteuk oppa's attempt suicide?..  dorz_06 9 3764 over a year ago
SuPeR JuNiOr Contest~! RoUnD 2  pearlxashxdawn 19 3588 over a year ago
new spot look -CLOSE-  Li_Le 13 3200 over a year ago
heechul and sohee broke up???  katteuk 0 3167 over a year ago
seokyu vs. yongseo  irishchan 0 3126 over a year ago
PLEASE HELP SUJU FAN!!!  animeadd8 14 2916 over a year ago
PLZZZ PLZZ VOTE FOR SUPER JUNIOR HERE!!  lambertglam 4 2445 over a year ago
Anti-suju must dead!!!  SuJuforever 19 2338 over a year ago
Super Junior releases teaser for “Super Show 3″ 3D movie!  Bubblepop00 0 2155 over a year ago
Suju is slowly breaking? yes or no?  donghaeleeteuk 32 2012 over a year ago
[GAME] Super Junior members' popularity vote!  Jeliame 2 1979 over a year ago
..What if Super Juinor 13 ends???  dorz_06 48 1810 over a year ago
What Do You Think About The SNSD-SUJU Conflict Rumor??  HellXer 0 1767 over a year ago
SUJU FOr 2012 OLYMPICS!!!  VesperPhoenix 0 1740 over a year ago
What if Hyung HeeChul decided to quit Super Junior and pursue his career being an actor?  dorz_06 6 1637 over a year ago
what will you do and say whene see super junior for one houre?  fifi-13-suju 8 1471 over a year ago
What if Hankyung oppa decided to quit suju because of too much controversy about his case to SM Entertainment... couold suju replace him or could suju put back the missing pieces of the group as of for the 5 members of suju are on Hankyung side..What will  dorz_06 8 1452 over a year ago
Which group Member that tend to cry the most??  HellXer 4 1441 over a year ago
SNSD'S FAN ARE SUCK!  SuJuforever 8 1440 over a year ago
Really wanna wish..  Tyah 9 1374 over a year ago
Are you an ELF?  kewice 1 1370 over a year ago
Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk talks about leaving for the army and his hopes for 2011  Bubblepop00 4 1344 over a year ago
Yesung  NamirahELF 0 1201 over a year ago
sones is too much ! and how can snsd let it be ? ? ?  han-je-ah 0 1074 over a year ago
VOTE VOTE VOTE 4 Super Junior vs. Tvxq  lovenpain 1 1055 over a year ago
4jib album super junior~=)  miss_siwon 8 1042 over a year ago
Kim Heechul spot on fanpop  SuperUkeChan 1 1026 over a year ago
FAN PROJECT FOR SUPER JUNIOR!!!  thetwied 0 1016 over a year ago
DO YOU FEEL CONNECTED TO A CULTURE “NOT YOUR OWN”?  CulturalDomain 0 970 over a year ago
4jib album super junior~=)  miss_siwon 0 946 over a year ago
hanGeng in the 4th album?  rosh23 1 939 over a year ago
Super Junior releases Japanese “Mr Simple” PV  miaelf9313 0 928 over a year ago
welcome to SUJUCP  SUJUCP 0 897 over a year ago
Shindong FUNKY TONIGHT!  PixieJJC 1 861 over a year ago
My Love, My Kiss, My Heart (English Cover)  sjislove 0 856 over a year ago
Suju and Shinee  donghaeleeteuk 5 820 over a year ago
PLEASE VOTE FOR SUJU HERE IS THE LINK  cindy_2011 0 803 over a year ago
suju's last album?  rosh23 5 784 over a year ago
Super Junior concert in Indonesia  LaRinta 2 741 over a year ago
If SuJu was featured in a game...  happyjunior 7 739 over a year ago
20100218 : Heechul updates Twitter  130_Sparrow 0 708 over a year ago
VOTE FOR SUPER JUNIOR!!! E.L.F FIGHTING!!!!  lyttl3_dollie 1 690 over a year ago
SUJUM has a new song!!!! They're back!!!  kyuhyunlover13 0 679 over a year ago
e.l.f help us  NanChulHo 0 675 over a year ago
Hurry up ELF's & vote for SUPER JUNIOR  DoOoDii 1 671 over a year ago
To be an elf member?  syyoon1004 1 663 over a year ago
.. no..  dorz_06 0 658 over a year ago
THIS REALLY IMPORTANT !!  blackcatredbell 0 645 over a year ago
Donghae-Eun Seo couple ?!  HaeShu 0 630 over a year ago
Kill that idiot anti_suju !!  miss_siwon 1 626 over a year ago
donghae  vuochny 1 622 over a year ago
A PAIR OF SUPER JUNOIR TIX FOR SALE $220 FRONT SEAT!  p0239912 1 619 over a year ago
I just want to write :P  eline_jessica 0 595 over a year ago
Thanks  Pashtun 0 573 over a year ago
I just want to write :P  eline_jessica 2 568 over a year ago
ELFs! ATTENTION! Suju is losing ><  emkyuu 0 560 over a year ago
contacto  thesingle29 0 538 over a year ago
donghae  vuochny 2 525 over a year ago
MALAYSIAN ELF PLEASE SUPPORT SUJU 4TH ALBUM BY.....  Han_ara 1 518 over a year ago
Leeteuk  Super_Juniora25 2 512 over a year ago
I just want to write :P  eline_jessica 0 468 over a year ago
plzz help me NOW!!!!!  lambertglam 2 451 over a year ago
what will you do and say whene YOU see super junior for one houre?  fifi-13-suju 6 391 over a year ago
Super Junior 29th Jan Concert Tix For SALE!!  jeffpyro 0 359 over a year ago
Be a fan that ENCOURAGES!  ladyneJ 0 123 2 months ago