Everyone knows Princess Peach. The damsel in distress, Bowser's numerous captive, and Mario's love interest. However, that's not how the story is seen from her eyes. Truth is, she's bored out of her skull with the same old saving routine, hates looking like some useless princess who can't defend herself, tired of pretending Bowser kidnapped her succesfully, and pretending she loves Mario.

She wants to meet someone who can trust her to defend herself, give her her chance, look out for her, be honest with her, and truly care for her. As for Mario, he is a sweet guy, but Peach simply sees him as a friend, nothing more. But, because of her Council, who believes that if she is the love interest of the kingdom's hero, her popularity will increase, Peach must remain a slave to a loveless life with Mario.

One day, after talking with Rosalina, Daisy, and Toadette, Peach decides to finally break the news to Mario and call it off. But before she can, she, Mario, Luigi, Toad, Toadette, Daisy, and Yoshi are abducted by Bowser and held captive in his dungeon.

While trying to find their way out, they meet Prince Haru of the Flower Kingdom, who has also been kidnapped by Bowser. They also find out that Haru and Peach were engaged to each other at birth. As the gang and Haru try to find a lengedary object Bowser is after, Peach begins to fall in love with Haru, but is afraid of telling him her feelings, while Mario worries out of jealousy that he'll lose Peach. Will Peach and Haru find a way to be together? Or will a jealous Mario keep them apart? Find out in Mario: A Prince and His Princess