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All of these
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Av-JackJohnson said …
I really enjoy this show in fact i watch it everyday i get to a new season almost every week i have been team dean since i started watching it me and my best friends are always acting like a am dean because i am the oldest and my other best friend is sam because she is the youngest and i also went to hot topic and bought the bracelets that sat bitch and jerk and i bought so much stuff from them together it all costed 157 dollars and i cant wait for 12 love you Jensen but i love you too jared Posted 1 day ago
chelly2586 said …
I love love love this show. I've been team Dean since the beginning &
I hope the show keeps going for a long time because I never
tire of watching it. I love the fact that it's about the family
businesses & not all about who's sleeping with who that week.
There's enough of those for a lifetime. Don't change a thing guys Posted 4 days ago
SherlockStark said …
Season 11 = (in my opinion) WTF?! Posted 5 days ago