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The fans pick: Dean: "I'm Batman"
The fans pick: I want to be like Dean ... you know funny ! =DD
I want to be like Dean ... you...
I want to be like Sam ... you...
The fans pick: I'm gonna go talk to Larry.Okey,honey ? [slaps sam's ass]
I&# 39; m gonna go talk to...
I hope your apple pie freakin&# 39;...
The fans pick: i think i'm adorable
i think i&# 39; m adorable
I&# 39; m batman
The fans pick: "Oh my god Mom was a babe, I'm deffently goin to hell,again
&# 34; Oh my god Mom was a babe, I&# 39; m...
I like to think it&# 39; s &# 39; cause...
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fangirl128 said …
My bro watches the show with his hands on his eyes!! ITS NOT EVEN SCARY!! but i love it! Posted over a year ago
Kartik47 said …
Sam : I'm Done Hunting.
Dean : Sasha Grey Gone legit! Posted over a year ago
mattwolf199 said …
lets killas many sonsofbitches as we posobly can Posted over a year ago