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what episodes of Supernatural have sex scenes in them?

Ok so I watch Supernatural with my Grammie(grandmother) sometimes and I'm only on Season 1, well I'm almost done Season 1, but anyways could someone give me a list of episodes with sex scenes in them so I know which episodes NOT to watch with my Grammie so that its not awkward..!?!!?
 buffyl0v3r44 posted over a year ago
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NoLoser-cret said:
Well if you're watching it by DVDs then you can always fast forward. That is what I do. You have like another half of a season to wait until there is another one. Besides, some of the episodes with sex scenes are good ones :)

Season One:
Route 666

Season Two:

Season Three has no major ones I'm pretty sure.

Season Four:
I Know What You Did Last Summer & Heaven and Hell

Season Five has the gross 'My Bloody Valentine' scene but its clean otherwise

Season Six have no major ones.

Season Seven:
The Slice Girls

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posted over a year ago 
Oh I don't mind that theres sex scenes it when I'm watching it by myself but when I watch it with my Grammie its to awkward and we usually fast forward it if there is. But a list of episodes would be helpful..!
buffyl0v3r44 posted over a year ago
There you go, the ones off the top of my head :) I just rewatched the whole series so I'm pretty sure I'm right
NoLoser-cret posted over a year ago
there were none of the guys in sex and violence, but true there was a sex scene
kdean37 posted over a year ago
candy003 said:
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posted over a year ago 
Vi-Winchester said:
sex and violence
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posted 11 months ago 
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