Daphne and Zoey were drinking coffee in Starbucks, at 62 Founders Parkway. Daphne had ordered some donuts with it. Taking your own snacks was against the rules of the house, so they had left the box in the car.
“You’re going to eat those?” Zoey asked, nodding at the donuts.
“No, I’m going to take them to Mrs. Fueller and shove them up her big, fat butt” Daphne said angry.
“Well, that would be a waste” Zoey said.
Daphne rubbed her eyes. “I’m not feeling very well. I think I’m getting a migraine” she said.
“You want to go home?” Zoey asked.
Daphne nodded. “Yeah, just let me throw some water in my face” She got up and walked to the ladies room. She entered and walked to the sink, opened the tap and splashed water in her face. She pulled out some paper napkins from a machine and as she dabbed her face her eyes fell on a familiar face.
Zoey was waiting outside when she was pushed. She turned around and Daphne waved one of her flyers before her face.
“It’s not what you think” she started.
“Don’t talk to me” Daphne said while she walked to the car.
“Daphne, come on” Zoey begged.
Daphne turned around. “You promised, Z! You said you’d give it a rest!” she shouted furious. She wanted to get in the car at the driver’s seat, but Zoey grabbed her arm. “If you’re going to keep doing that people will start thinking I’m being abused and they won’t point the finger at you”
“I am only trying to help” Zoey said, ignoring Daphne’s last comment. “Put yourself in his shoes. Don’t you think he wants to know the truth about himself? Don’t you think he deserves that?”
Daphne looked down, then up again. “Yeah, you’re right. Sorry, Z”
“Get in the car, nutcase” Zoey said.