For the second time that day someone was ringing the bell. Cas walked in the hallway and stared at the door. “Daphne and Zoey are not here. Maybe you should come back at a more appropriate time”
“Emmanuel, open the door”
It was Meg and she sounded scared to death. Cas quickly opened the door and looked at a terrified Meg. Before he could ask what was going on she threw herself in his arms and started crying. Cas, not knowing what else to do, tapped her on her back.
“This feels rather uncomfortable” Cas said difficult. “Perhaps you could let go of me?”
Meg let go and took a step back. “I’m sorry” she sobbed and she wiped her eyes. “There’s been a huge car accident and everyone is dead”
“Friends of you?” Cas asked.
“Just my new neighbors” Meg sobbed.
“I feel terrible about this” Cas said. He sighed. “I wished Daphne and Zoey would come home”
“Why? You don’t think I’m going to hit on you again, do you?” Meg asked.
“No, I have a strange feeling in my stomach” Cas said.
“You’re worried” Meg said.
Cas nodded. His face stiffened. “I hear something” he said.
“What?” Meg asked, though she knew perfectly well what Cas was hearing. Cas walked past Meg and opened the front door. He walked outside and a few yards further he saw a red van with red and yellow triangles on the back and a yellow van with yellow and green stripes.
Meg followed him outside.
“Who did you say had an accident?” Cas asked slowly.
“They’re dead, Emmanuel” Meg said. Cas wanted to run, but Meg grabbed his arm. “Let me go” Cas commanded.
“They are dead!” Meg repeated, raising her voice. “The car exploded. They burned. You don’t want to remember Daphne looking like that, trust me”
Cas jerked his arm and pushed Meg away. Meg, who couldn’t give her true identity away, fell backwards on purpose. She watched Cas running of.
Ten, maybe eleven seconds later Cas stopped. There were people all around and the police was trying to keep him to a distance. Cas tried to make his way through the mass, pushing people aside. When he saw a body covered with a white sheet he knew it was Daphne. He wanted to go to her, but a deputy stopped him. “Sir, I need you to stay behind the tape” she said.
“I have to help her” Cas said and he pushed the woman away. He walked to Daphne and kneeled. He could still hear her breathing. “Please, don’t die” he said hoarse. He caressed her hair or what was left of it and when his fingers touched her forehead something magnificent happened.
Slowly but surely Daphne’s body healed and her hair grew back.
When her body was in perfect condition again Daphne opened her eyes and gasped for air.