Isabel was in hearing room two asking questions to a suspect in a murder case, when the door opened and inspector Anderson appeared in the doorway.
“Chief needs to see you” Anderson said deadly serious.
“I’m busy” Isabel said distracted.
“It’s important” Anderson said accenting his words.
Isabel sighed and stood up. She followed Anderson outside and locked the door. “What is this is about?” she asked, but Anderson walked her to the head bureau. He knocked and opened the door. “You didn’t have to escort me” Isabel said a little demeaning before she walked into the office. Two men in black suits came to her and held up their badges.
“I’m inspector Sommers, that’s Inspector Smith” Sommers said and he put his badge away. He picked up a plastic, transparent bag with a small, rectangle card. “Do you recognize this?”
“Yeah, of course” Isabel said irritated. “There’s a bunch of them lying on my desk. Why, what’s going on?”
“Lucy Dickinson was murdered last night. I’ll spare you the details, but she had this card in her bag” Sommers said.
“I heard about that poor woman. Her insides were torn out. I feel sorry for her family, but I didn’t do it. And besides, it happened in Montana, while I was here, in Colorado. My boyfriend can confirm that” Isabel said calm. There was absolutely no way for her to panick, she didn’t have anything to do with this murder. Or any murder, for that matter.
“Well, let’s hope he can” Sommers said.
“Can I be dismissed? I have work to do” Isabel said. Chief Barnes signed with his hand and Isabel left. Once she was outside she conjured her phone and dialed a number.
“I want a list of all the people who dined at the Nite Owl Restaurant in Colombia Falls last night”
Something really messed up was going on and her police instinct screamed to her it had something to do with that Castiel dude. She was going to find out what it was.