Sam and Cas were at a motel in Colombia Falls, while Dean and Jo were outside. They were in front of the car and Dean had opened the hood. He was maintaining the Impala while Jo watched him.
“Can I help?” Jo offered.
“No” Dean said sharp. Jo gave him a strange look. “Not because you’re a girl. I’m sure you know how to fix a car. It’s personal, really”
“I get it” Jo said. “This is your baby. It’s hard to let go”
“Exactly” Dean said, glad Jo got the picture so quickly. He wiped his hands off a cloth and shut the hood. “I think we’re done here” He turned around. “Let’s get those two monkeys on their feet. We’re leaving town”
It happened in a flash. One moment Dean was standing on his two feet, the next he crashed against the car and fell on the ground.
“Dean!” Jo exclaimed. She bent on her knees and noticed blood coming out of his side.