“What the hell happened to you?” Sam exclaimed.
“Someone was shooting at us” Jo explained agitated. Dean was leaning on her and he was starting to become heavy. Cas rushed to them and took over.
“Thank you” Jo said.
“Where is it that you’re injured?” Cas asked. “Then I’ll heal you”
Dean shot a long look at Jo and then looked at Cas. “No” he said slowly. “I’m not that hurt. The bullet just missed me, it’s just a scratch. Jo can take care of me”
Jo frowned, but nodded in agreement.
Dean shot a meaningful glance at Sam, knowing Cas wouldn’t understand. Sam grabbed Cas’ arm and dragged him outside, while Cas looked sheepishly at Dean, quietly asking for an explanation.
Dean lay on the bed and Jo sank down next to him. She carefully lifted his T-shirt and held her breath. Usually she didn’t have any trouble with blood, unless it was the blood of someone she cared about. And she cared about Dean a lot.
She dabbed a wet towel against his side and he clenched his teeth.
“I’m sorry” she said soft.
“No, it’s…it’s fine” Dean said. He tried to sit up, decided that it hurt too much and lay back down. “I…eh…I wanted to tell you I’m sorry”
“Sorry about what?” Jo asked, consciously avoiding Dean’s look.
“For sleeping with you, for the wrong reason” Dean said.
“And being a total jackass afterwards” Jo added helpfully.
“Yeah, that too” Dean said.
“And leaving me behind” Jo said.
“I’m sorry” Dean said.
For a few seconds Jo didn’t respond. Then she pressed Dean’s wound and he exclaimed.
“Now we’re even’ Jo smiled.