Evening fell and the gang was having dinner. They had agreed to stay in the motel. While Jo and Dean had had their private conversation, Sam and Cas had been looking for takeaway Chinese. It wasn’t what Dean would’ve chosen.
“This tastes weird” he complained.
“That’s because you’re only used to cheeseburgers” Cas said dead serious. “You need to eat more different kinds of food or you’ll burnout”
They all stared at him.
“I read that in a magazine” Cas said, while his cheeks turned red.
“Well, thanks, doc” Dean said sarcastic. “I’ll try keep it in mind”
He swallowed his second bite, when the bell rang.
“Thank God, saved by the bell” he said and he quickly walked to the door. He opened and an ID-card was being waved in front of his eyes.
“Good evening, inspector Roberts” Dean read the ID.
Cas froze and tried to hide behind Sam, but unfortunately Isabel had already seen him.
“Castiel! You’re exactly the man I’m looking for” she said and she walked to him. She waved the DVD before his eyes. “Do you know what this is, Castiel?”
Cas shook his head afraid.
“This is proof that I was right about you all along” Isabel said. “This here shows all the awful things you did to that poor girl”
“I didn’t kill her” Cas said panicking, referring to Lucy Dickinson.
“No, what you did was far worse” Isabel said and she conjured her cuffs.”I arrest you for the abuse of a four year old girl. You can come with me peacefully or we can make a huge deal out of it. Your choice”