It was night and visiting hours were long over, but that didn’t stop Dean from checking on his best friend.
Cas was sitting on the cold floor, his head buried in his knees, trying to make himself as small as possible.
Dean, always armed with a lighter, made some light, because it was pitchdark.
“Hello, in there” he said a little nervous.
“Go away” Cas said hoarse.
“Sure, I’ll wait for you outside” Dean said confident.
“Then you can wait for a very long time” Cas said. “Because I’m not coming”
“Why not?” Dean asked a bit frustrated. “This isn’t about Meg, is it?”
Cas shook his head.
“Then why can’t you just zap yourself out of this cage?” Dean asked.
Cas lifted his head and looked at Dean, something Dean wished he hadn’t done. Even in the vague light of the lighter he could see Cas’ eyes were wet and bloodshot.
“There are people dying. And though I didn’t kill them, somehow they’re all connected to me. No matter how far I run, the bodies keep piling up and I’m scared that if I keep running the next body will be yours or Sam’s. So, I’m not running anymore. It has to end with me” Cas said sad, but determined.
“Someone’s trying to frame you” Dean said frustrated. “You can’t just give up. You didn’t do what they say you did…Or did you?”
Fury appeared in Cas’ blue eyes. “If you’re asking whether I hurt a four year old girl in any way possible, then the answer is no”
“I knew that” Dean said, ashamed to have doubt his friend for a second. “I’m going to find you and attorney. Don’t say you don’t want one, because you need one. Just because you won’t come out, doesn’t mean I can’t do everything to get you out”
A heavy silence filled the space between them.
“Thanks, Dean” Cas eventually said.