A guard brought Cas to a hearing room and pushed him down on a chair.
“Next time you do that I’ll have to report it to your superiors” a man said in the doorway. He was wearing a suit and carried a small suitcase in his left hand. “But today I’ll just blame it to your lack of experience”
The guard growled something.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that last one, but please don’t bother repeating yourself. We won’t need you in our conversation, so you can go” the man said. “Through that door”
The guard walked outside and slammed the door.
“He’s got a temper” the man said, not very impressed. He looked at Cas and reached his hand. “Craig Smith, I’m your attorney”
“I don’t have any money” Cas said.
“I work pro bono” Craig said. Cas frowned. “That means you don’t have to pay me”
“Why would you help me, if you’re not paid for it?” Cas asked.
Craig stared at him, a little stunned by that question.
“Eh…no one has ever asked me that before” he started and his poker face fell off. “Being an attorney isn’t just about getting a lot of money. It’s also a game of power. Most of us don’t care if we get a murderer out of prison or if we get an innocent man behind bars, as long as we win”
He opened the suitcase and revealed a portable DVD-player.
“The inspector who arrested you, did she show you this DVD?” Craig asked, while he installed the DVD.
Cas shook his head. “No, she just brought me straight here”
“Okay” Craig said. “I want you to look at this DVD and don’t look away” He turned the DVD-player to Cas and walked behind him. He pressed play.
Cas’ eyes widened and his mouth dropped open a little. He remembered how he once had taken possession of the body of Jimmy Novak’s daughter. Jimmy was the former owner of Cas’ body.
This, however, was nothing like that. Cas would never hurt someone like that, especially not a child and definitely not her.
When the DVD was done Craig closed the player and put him back in the suitcase.
“I suggest you start talking”