Anna waved a bag with chocolate cookies in front of Meg.
“I know you like these” Anna said teasing.
“When I was human, maybe” Meg snapped. “It’s been a very long time since I was human”
“Then I guess my plan to keep you happy fails” Anna said, in a tone as if she couldn’t care less.
“Why would you want to keep me happy?” Meg frowned.
“Cas is in trouble” Anna started. “Inspector Roberts has a DVD that shows how Cas abuses a little girl”
“What?!” Meg exclaimed and she jerked the bag with cookies out of Anna’s hand. She ate a cookie, not because she was hungry, but because she was frustrated. “Cas would never do anything like that. Okay, sure, he’s a little addicted to sex, but come one, the guy was a virgin until I deflowered him. Can you blame him?”
“A demon must have done something to that DVD” Anna said convinced.
“You have to get me out of here” Meg insisted.
“No” Anna said. “It’s still not safe”
“You said Cas was going to need me. I think we can say he needs me now” Meg said frustrated.
Anna held her head diagonally. “Why would a demon care about an angel?”
“You’re right, I don’t” Meg shrugged. “I’m just sick and tired of this place. I came here to get Cas out and he still finds a way to get himself caught”
“There’s nothing I can do about that” Anna said.
“There’s one thing you could do for me” Meg said mischievous.