Anna threw the phone at Meg. She caught it with one hand and examined it.
“I’m still not sure what you’re going to do with it, since Cas won’t be able to use a phone while he’s in prison” Anna said.
“You gave one to him, too, right?” Meg checked.
“Yes, and it only has your number and yours has only his number, so the two of you can start having phone sex with each other to pass the time” Anna said sarcastic.
“Or you can finally get me out of here, so I can go punch a little common sense into Castiel’s pretty face and then he’ll leave prison on his own” Meg suggested.
They heard wings and Balthazar joined them. He looked rather tired.
“For the last time, I can’t let you out” he said. He sank down on the floor and Anna raised her eyebrows. “I wish I could tell you exactly what is going on, but I’m bound to keep my mouth shut”
“Why? Who’s threatening you” Meg asked a little arrogant.
“He’s still really pissed about that deal” Balthazar said. “So when Castiel returned from Purgatory, he couldn’t just let him get away again. He had to be punished”
“It’s Crowley” Meg said, as if she was solving a crossword puzzle. “He brought Balty here back to life”
“He was really angry when he found out I saved him and you from Hell. He summoned me and swore he’d give me an eternity of torture in Hell if I ever tried to oppose him again”
“That still doesn’t explain why you think Cas needs our help” Anna said.
“I knew Crowley was going to chase Castiel until he was dead, so I kept an eye on Castiel and everyone he’s been involved with. Believe me when I say he’s safe as long as he’s in prison”