A tensing silence filled the motel room. Jo wanted Dean to talk to her, but Dean just wanted to get drunk and Sam was on his laptop, pretending to be busy.
“How’s your injury? You want me to check it?” Jo tried carefully.
“What?” Dean snapped. Then his face softened. “Oh…no. But, thanks for the offer”
Sam closed his laptop. “I know this might be inappropriate, but maybe we should leave this place until everything falls into place again”
“Things don’t just fall into place” Dean said angry and stressed out. “That’s why we where born. To make them fall into place. I can’t believe you’d consider leaving while he needs us”
“He doesn’t” Sam exclaimed. “He can get out, but he just won’t. If he knows we’re gone he might come out”
“I don’t think so” Jo involved herself in the conversation. “Someone’s out to get him and they won’t stop until he breaks. Cas just doesn’t want to see us break in the process. So, when it comes to the smartest option, my vote goes to Sam. But wheb it comes to loyalty and friendship, I think Dean’s right”
Sam sighed deeply. “Then what are we doing? Are we staying or leaving?”
The door went open and a woman appeared. Jo’s mouth dropped open while the woman shut the door.
“I suggest we stay” Ellen said dry. “I just got here”