Dean opened the door of the mansion and he and Sam entered. Anna had told them where to find Cas.
Dean walked into the living room and saw the old man on the carpet, his eyes wide open. Sam pulled out his gun and so did Dean.
“Cas?” Dean called.
Meg’s eyes widened and Cas quickly covered her mouth. He pulled her behind the closet. “Hush” he whispered and he removed his hand.
Dean looked at Sam and signed he’d search upstairs and Sam would search downstairs. Dean sneaked upstairs and listened carefully.
Sam ran downstairs into the basement and became sick when he saw the two corpses.
“Are you afraid of heights?” Cas whispered in Meg’s ear. Meg shook her head. “Okay” Cas ran quietly to the door and closed it carefully. “I love people who keep a lock on their door” he whispered as he turned the key.
Dean entered the bathroom and saw the clothes in the shower cabin. He bent through his knees and picked some up. He recognized them and realized both Cas and Meg were here or had been here and it wasn’t hard to figure out what they had been doing. He left the bathroom and wanted to open the closest bedroom, which was locked.
“Cas?” Dean shouted and banged the door. “I know you’re in there. And I know Meg’s in there, too”
Cas opened the window and he and Meg climbed over the edge.
Dean aimed at the lock and shot. The door opened and he walked inside. There was no one, but the window stood wide open.
Sam walked back upstairs. Everyone in the basement was dead. Halfway the stairs he stopped as he heard the engines of the Impala running. There was no way Dean would leave without him, so he raced upstairs.
Dean ran towards the window, just in time to see his baby driving away.
“Son of a bitch!” he cursed.