“I’m going to pack our bags” Sam decided. “We’ve stayed in this town for far too long”
“I can call mom and ask her if you can crash at her place for a few days” Jo offered.
Sam nodded in agreement, then he looked at Dean. “I know you want to stay here, to be close to Cas, but I think it’s better if we go somewhere where we won’t be reminded of all this”
Dean shrugged and stood. He walked to the door and headed to his car. He opened the door and got in at the driver’s seat.
“Mom says it’s okay” Jo said soft after hanging up. “She’ll be happy to see you boys again” She packed Dean’s bag and handed it to Sam. “Tell mom I’m not coming home yet”
“Why not?” Sam wondered.
“I’d like to stay here, to take care of Meg” Jo explained careful.
“Meg can take care of herself” Dean snapped from in the doorway. “Are you ready yet? If we have to leave, I’d rather leave now”
Sam carried the bags outside and in the trunk. He stepped in the car at the driver’s seat and put the key in the ignition. He pushed the accelerator pedal and drove away, praying they’d never have to return.