After a couple hours of driving Sam got tired. He pulled over and poked Dean to wake him up. Dean sat up and rubbed his eyes. “What?” he mumbled sleepy.
“Your turn to drive” Sam said. He stepped out and walked around the car, while Dean moved to the driver’s seat. Sam stepped back in at the passenger seat, but Dean made no movements on starting the car.
“I’m tired, Sammy” he said soft.
“You’ve been sleeping for the last two hours. How can you be tired?” Sam asked surprised.
“I mean I’m tired” Dean repeated and he turned to Sam. “I’m tired of it all. I’m tired of this job. I’m tired of losing everyone we love”
“Are you saying you want to quit?” Sam asked a little stunned. Dean always went on how it was their calling, that their dad wanted them to save innocent people, that they were meant to be hunters.
“Don’t you?” Dean returned. “You never wanted this life. If there was a chance to get back to a normal life, wouldn’t you take it?”
“Yeah, I would” Sam admitted. “But I’m not sure if there is, Dean. If we don’t hunt these monsters down, no one will and more innocent people will die”
“Why do we have to care about that?” Dean exclaimed angry.”We lost so many people, because of what we do. We lost mom and dad and Bobby. You lost Jess. I lost Cas”
“I lost Cas, too” Sam reminded him.
“Point is that I’m done” Dean continued. “I’m done losing the people I love. I’m done with this job”
That being said Dean turned the key and drove to Texas.