Meg opened her eyes and looked around confused. It took her a while to realize she was in the spare room. She got out of bed and walked to the door. When she was outside she room she heard noises from outside her and Cas’ room. She walked to it as in trance and opened it.
Jo was putting clothes in boxes.
“What are you doing?” Meg asked slowly.
“Oh” Jo exclaimed surprised and she turned around. “I didn’t hear you come in”
“What are you doing?” Meg repeated trembling.
“I’m storing Cas’ clothes in boxes. I figured you wouldn’t be able to put yourself up to it, so I volunteered” Jo explained.
“No” Meg shook her head.
“Don’t worry. It’s no problem” Jo reassured her. “I’ll just put these in my car and then I’ll take them to some second-hand store”
“No!” Meg exclaimed and her voice skipped. She walked quickly to Jo and took Cas’ clothes. She walked to the closet and put the clothes back. “Everything has to stay in its right place”
“Meg, I just want to help” Jo said.
Meg turned around and Jo could see her eyes were wet. “Get out” she ordered trembling. When Jo wouldn’t move, Meg headed towards her. She grabbed Jo’s arm and dragged her to the open door. She pushed her outside and slammed the door. She locked herself in and turned around, leaning against the door. She sunk down on the floor and pulled her fingers through her hair.
“Meg, open the door” Jo kind of begged. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you”
Meg couldn’t hear her anymore. The only sound that entered her ears was the sound of her beating and aching heart. This was why she had been furious with Cas for turning them human. She knew she would fall for him. She didn’t want to fall in love, because she was afraid she’d get heartbroken, because she knew Cas was the only one capable of breaking her heart. But she had fallen in love with him and now that she had finally admitted it to herself and to Cas, he was snatched away from her. Anna and Jo and Sam and Dean, they all tried to take away what she had left of Cas. The privilege of visiting his grave. Her memories of him. His personal stuff. Even now they still treated her like an insignificant being.
Meg stood and walked to the closet. She grabbed Cas’ clothes and ripped them apart. She felt as if an ice cold hand enclosed her throat and heart. She couldn’t breathe.
She no longer had the angel sword, but she walked to the desk and grabbed the scissor. She headed to the bed and stabbed the mattress. She kept stabbing while tears rolled over her face.
She grabbed the chair where Cas/Lucifer has been tied onto and with a cry that cut through flesh and bone she smashed it into the mirror.
“Meg! Let me in! What are you doing?” Jo yelled worried, while banging the door. She desperately tried to open the door, but when she couldn’t, she conjured her phone. It was no use calling Sam or Dean. They were too far gone now and frankly Jo wasn’t sure if they’d actually care. So Jo dialed the most obvious number of 911.
Meg sunk down on the floor, fragments surrounding her. She picked up a piece and stared at it and suddenly she saw everything clearer. She held the fragment against her heart and breathed deeply. She heard sirens, but the sound was so distant it was as if she had already left this world.
“What happens to you” Meg whispered and she clenched the fragment. “happens to me” She drove the fragment through her heart and fell backwards against the cupboard.