100 In A 55 - Pop Evil (Dean)
Just One Yesterday - Fall Out Boy (Destiel)
We Don't Belong - Black Veil Brides (Team Free Will)
Wrong Side of Heaven - Fiver Finger Death Punch (Sam)
Face Everything and Rise - Papa Roach
This Is the Time - Nothing More (Team Free Will)
Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance (Dean)
Fight the Silence - For Today
Forever Til The End - Framing Hanley
Life Cycles - The Word Alive (Team Free Will)
Confession - Red (Sam)
Save Yourself - My Darkest Days (Destiel)
O God Save Us All - Disciple
Someday - Disciple (all of the sad scenes)
You and Not Me - Devour the Day (Sam to Dean)
Until The End - Breaking Benjamin (Sam)
March Out of the Darkness - Papa Roach (Sam)
All The Things She(HE) Said - t.A.T.u. (Destiel)
Monster - Pop Evil (Castiel or Sam)
If You Only Knew - Shinedown (Destiel)
War of Change - Thousand Foot Krutch
Where I Belong - Nine Inch Nails (Dean)
Not Gonna Die - Skillet
Hero - Skillet (Dean)
Angel with a Shotgun - The Cab
One Step Closer - Linkin Park (Sam and Lucifer)
What I've Done - Linkin Park (Sam)
Papaercut - Linkin Park (Sam and Luci)
New Divide - Linkin Park (Dean)
Hail to the King - Avenged Sevenfold (Luci or Crowley)
Outlaws - Disciple (Castiel)
Warrior - Evans Blue (Castiel rebelling against Heaven)
The High Road - Three Days Grace (Destiel)
Get Out Alive - Three Days Grace (Dean, Castiel, and Benny in Purgatory)
Chosen Ones - Atlantis Awaits (Team Free Will)
*Save the World - Swedish House Mafia
Still Swingin - Papa Roach (Team Fee Will)
The Angel - Atlantis Awaits (Castiel)

Any songs you think are good for Supernatural? Post them in the comments. If there are enough songs I'll post them in a different article :)