Watching the seventh season, so I might be missing something, but I feel like the only way the hidden world within Supernatural remains unnoticed is because the world is populated by idiots.

I mean, the Winchesters have been caught on camera time and time again on the news, when a Doppleganger or Leviathan is posing as them committing murder. While the tape of the first “Ghostfacers” episode containing them is destroyed before it can be spread to the public, the Ghostfacers are shown to have mentioned them in their web series during that one episode where Zachariah makes Dean and Sam forget their lives and rediscover hunting. Not to mention the Supernatural book series that Chuck publishes. Do the fans just miss the fact that there are a couple of serial killer brothers with the exact same names as their favorite characters on the loose? Hell, the books go up to season 3 finale. Did the fans miss the news reel that plays out exactly like the book? Not to mention Chuck probably also mentioned the Ghostfacers entire crew by name before they were shown on the Ghostfacers website. A supernatural fan (in the canon universe, obviously) could see the Ghostfacers were real people, the Winchesters are real people, and many of the characters mentioned in the books, including Agent Henriksen (who was mentioned in the newcast when Lilith destroyed the town jail holding Sam and Dean) and the people who Sam and Dean saved. Then they would show them the Supernatural series, and more and more people affected by the Winchesters rally behind this movement, and Shabang, Shaboom, the whole Supernatural world and all its knowledge falls in on itself.