Ode to the plaid
Hunter wears plaid it’s not because of its pop culture reference to Paul Bunyan, but it’s because of its durability and warmth. For years, flannel became a staple of the working man for the benefits it provided and it is those benefits that the hunters want and need.
So hunter learned to layer on clothing so that they adapt to the weather.
During Ketch’s raid of the bunker in the “memory remains”, he questioned how many flannel shirts Dean had, which made me wonder why he particularly wears more plaid flannel that Sam.
To explore that let’s go back to the beginning the very beginning. During the pilot, we see young Dean wearing plaid flannel PJs, which obviously set out to give him a reminder of his mom who has always pre-Mary reappearance been flawless to him. Wearing plaid flannel was always a reminder of his mom that I can only assume in her turn had Dean wear plaid flannel as a reminder of her family history and in memory of her parents.
Dean continued mostly wearing plaid because John a soldier dressed his children in cloth that would benefit their life style. Unlike Dean, Sam who at one point rejected their lifestyle wore cloth that depicted his personality and not his lifestyle, which is probably why he started growing his hair.
Now back to Dean, I promise I’ll continue with Sam later. Dean wore plaid flannels more often in his adult life not only because of the benefits it provided to his lifestyle, but to his mind. Plaid flannels kept him warm, which is very important not only for hunting but for what warmth does to people in general. There has been plenty of studies that show warm brings a sense of relief i.e. warm baths after a bad day, warm drinks when you are sick, bundling a baby in a warm blanket. Is almost like a womb like state. Because he had to grow up rather fast flannel provided him some sort of womb like comfort. Comfort, which he obviously need with the amount of pressure, and responsibility that was bestowed upon him.
Now back to Sam as Sam got back into hunting he slowly but surely need more flannel for lifestyle purposes and later for the comfort, it brought him. Over the past, few seasons as the stakes got higher more pressure lead to more plaid flannel.
Now ode to plaid flannel, that over the years became just “flannel.” It sounds kind of Dr.seussish, but I’m sticking to it.
Ode to the flannel:
Ode to the flannel what a wonderful thing
Ode to the flannel for you and for me
Hunters now gather so once and for all we take flannel Friday and make it our own
Who is wearing flannel this Friday?