“All good things must come to an end!” Who said that anyway lol? After all of my interviews with some of the Cas-girls on fanpop, I’m hanging up my computer, lol. This is my last interview, ok not my last, but my last for a while at least. Thankfully, Castiel4ever, Meghan, has agreed to interview me after this interviews posts.

My interview this week is with arizona86, a.k.a. Leah. She was right on the spot at midnight when she finally sent her answers back to me. But I was impressed with her answers. So without further ado, let’s get this interview posted! LOL.

Thank you for doing this!

You know, I could talk about Cas and Supernatural all day, so this was very therapeutic for me. I can’t think of anything more fun than answering all of these questions!

Are you excited about Castiel returning next season?

Hell yes! I wrote an article explaining how much of a mistake it would be if they chose to kill off that character. I was ecstatic when I heard that’d he’d be back. Words failed me for a while!

How has Castiel’s run of the show affected you?

I actually go to church more often. It shocks my parents to no end, but I want to learn so much more about religion and Angels and the role they actually play in heaven. I have made several friends at church, and started a group dedicated to the angels of Supernatural. And they have made mention to the Angel of Thursday in the sermons. Every time Castiel’s name is mentioned I just smile and hope and pray I don’t scream.

When was the first time you took notice of his Character?

“I’m the one who gripped you tight, and raised you from perdition”
When he said that, my eyes bugged for an hour. I was hyperventilating over him. Actually I did that the minute he walked into the scene! *squeal*

Memorable Castiel episode?

“Point of no Return” no contest. I was really worried for sometime that he wouldn’t make it to the 100th episode, but he did, and I was so glad. But I was also sick that day, and when he sacrificed him self, I got sicker. Literally!

Final Question, What are you most excited for from Cas’ character next season?

What’s not to look forward to?
What I’m most looking forward to is his new role as “New Sheriff in town” I can’t wait to see if he’s tougher, or funnier. I just can’t wait to see him. I was on the “Castiel-returning-bandwagon” for a while, and wrote an article to prove it. I’m so thrilled that he’s returning!

Interview By: Blueeyes99