We want to rock in the Impala,
We want pie, and we love pudding,
Because we know that crazy works.
We hum Metallica on planes,
Keep rock salt close at hand,
And say "Cristo" to suspicious folk.

We watched Dean go to hell and back,
And when Castiel raised him from Perdition,
Another love entered our lives.
We stuck with Sam through his addiction,
Though watching it broke our hearts.
We cheered as Dean killed Zachariah,
And cried when Sammy dived into the pit.

We watch these two brothers battle against all odds,
As they fight against destiny, heaven and hell.
We've watched them die for each other,
And kill for each other.
We feel their pain,
And when their hearts are broken,
Ours break with them.
We agonise over season finales;
They leave us filled with questions,
And dying for more.

We can quote episodes,
We can name episodes,
And we watch them repeatedly.
We are Supernatural fans,
And we love it.