I woke up in a cold aly the sun is just coming up it must be close to 6 in the morning . I have scratches,bruises and dried blood on me.I can hardly keep my eyes open and every thing is blury.I can hear a car coming i try to get up so i can get help but im to week and i fall back to the floor.I hear the car stoping across the street from the aly.

I feel a rock by me and i cluch it in my hand and i throw it with a my strength hopeing it will hit something. It hit the wall with a craking sound and the rock rolls in to the steet.I hear i mans voice saying "did u hear that" i try to yell but i cant my voice is dry only a wisper comes out but i hear foot steps comeing my way. there are two people comeing i can hear one of them say "come on sammy there is nothing here lets just go bak to the motel" "dean i heard something and i want to see what it was"

Its two guys there are coming closer to me now. one of the guys sees me now he runs to me and says "miss are you ok!" he is tall and his hair falls across his face as he bends down. The other guy it shorter and he tells the tall guy that we should take her to the motel.The tall guy picks me up in his arms.He carried me on to the sun the bright light is in my face. One of the guys try to say something to me but i cant hear him. then every thing goes black and silent.