(given some of the credit to my friend chadalco for helping me out thanks chadalco!)

I told them that two men broke in to my house and killed my mother and my lil brother. I told them that i got away from the bathroom window but one of them saw me trying to get away and he dragged me back in to the house and he bet me.I got away wen he walked out of the room and wen i got out of the house i just started running and didnt stop till i got in to the aly.

Dean and sam just staring at me not saying anything.I think i over did it but it was beter then saying i was possessed. i looked at them and there blank expression and said "thats its" wiping fake tears from my face. Sam looked at me and said "wow you have been through hell" "yea it felt like it".sam looked at me and told me "we can take you to were u live u can get some of ur cloths and stay with us for a bit" befor i could answer dean pulled sam aside to talk to him "dude she cant stay here with us" "why not" sam frowned "were hunters we got things to hunt we cant get her in to it sammy" "well to bad dean shes staying,they killed her mom she has no were to go" "fine only a few days sam!..besides shes kinda hot" dean smirks.

Sam rolles his eyes at dean then faced me "ok lets go get ur cloths" sam helped me off the bed and we walk to deans car.When we got in the car i told them were i lived. I knew my mom was at work and my lil brother was still at school i dont think they would be at the house and if they were then sam and dean would for sure know that i was lieing.

I remember the night wen i got possessed i was walking home from a party and a black cloud came over me the next thing i remember was walking the oposite way from my house but i couldent control my body.It was about a month i was possessed and i kno my mom was going crazy looking for me cuz i never came home that night.

We pulled in to the drive way of my house my moms car wasent there so maybe she was at work or out looking for me! We all got out of the car i told then to wait out side and i will only be a sec.I opened the door with my key and walked inside every rhing was in place as always.As i was about to walk to my room i herd a noises comeing from the kitchen i went to the kitchen to see wat it was......MOM!!!!