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DarkLordSauron said …
WHAT THE HECK, NBC!!!! WHY'D YOU CANCEL THIS!!! IT WAS JUST GETTIN' TO THE NEXT GOOD PART!!!! (What, the whole freakin' thing was good)

I'm an official Nimrod fangirl. Who's with me!?! Posted over a year ago
InLoveWithJesus commented…
I am ;) over a year ago
DarkLordSauron commented…
Ah, FINALLY!!!! I don't care what anyone says, Nim is so CUTE!!!! I want a whatever-the-name-for-his-species-is now. over a year ago
IBelieveInJesus said …
Great show! I am soo sad that they stopped it :( Posted over a year ago
InLoveWithJesus said …
I agree. It was exciting! Posted over a year ago