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Rob C
Rob C
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Survivor Confessions
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The fans pick: Phillip Sheppard
Phillip Sheppard
Francesca Hogi
The fans pick: Russell Hantz
Russell Hantz
Amanda Kimmel
The fans pick: Returning Players
Returning Players
Hidden Immunity Idol
The fans pick: Rob Mariano
Rob Mariano
Ozzy Lusth
The fans pick: Ozzy
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sjbluver said …
yeah!!!!!! brandon is Gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted over a year ago
Bpierce13 said …
Ok I <3 Survior Phillipines so far!!!!! My Favorite was Russell only cuz he looks like Andrew McCutchen Then I loved Jeff Then now im in love with Penner and MAlcom Posted over a year ago
lia150892 said …
i love fabio from season 21.. :D he's d only one who play clean.. :) Posted over a year ago
AllanSmith49 commented…
For me, “Survivor” is mainly a great reality show! It has everything: competitiveness, different outlooks, tactics, strength, and whole entertainment. During the recent years, Survivor has developed into more of a strategic game which provides more enthusiasms to lots of its audiences. I absolutely love the ‘Castaways’ surviving in both mental and physical intelligence. I would love to watch again the past episodes so I bought a copy at . Nice quality and amazing set. Now, I can bring back all the excitements all over again. One-of-a-kind show I’ve ever seen in my entire life! over a year ago