"Elliot...Elliot!..."said captain"What the hell is going on?"

"Olivia.."Said Elliot quietly but loud enough for everyone to hear him"She's been kidnapped..."

Silence filled the squadroom as no one knew what to say or what to do.

"Well I see you guys have made much progress in the case..."Said Graylack sarcassticly walking in"...my squad in D.C...."

"Well you shove it with D.C. no one here gives a f*** if you care about D.C. so much than go back!!"yelled Elliot annoyed, angry, sad, and confused.

"Elliot!..."yelled captain"We are all going on a roller coster ride right now but continue this behavior and you'll be leaving the amusment park...FOR GOOD!" continued Captain hinting that if Elliot wanted to keep his badge he'd better straingten up immediatly.

"My partner is out there somewhere with some pervert and you think I'm worried about this..."stated Elliot pulling out his badge "I'm going to find Olivia with...or without it!!"he tossed his badge and gun on the table and left the squadroom.


"Elliot!"called Fin running behind him 'Don't do this..."

"Leave me alone!"

"You know what Elliot I've had just about enough of you crap you walk around here like your top detective and everyone has to bow down to the all mighty Stabler,well you know what this is not some little fantisy world this is real life and you messing with real people. Now Olivia is out there somewhere and instead of finding her your throwing a tentrum tantrum like a four year old. GROW UP!!!She is your partner and when we bust down the door to where ever she is you better be in the front row! I really don't care less if you like me or not my baby girl is out there somewhere and she expecting her partner to find her. If you wanna throw down your badge and walk away be my guest but we're going to find her...TOGETHER...Captains orders...."yelled the P-ed off Fin right in Elliot's face.

"You know what you've got nerve and if you EVER get in me face again your going to be visiting Werner, GOT IT!?!?!"Returned Elliot millimeters from Fins face then turned and walked into the distance.....