Sweeney Todd if you REALLY love this movie...

claire-aka-bob posted on May 07, 2008 at 06:47AM
add a comment or fact about this film or the crew and cast that not many people know and whoever adds the most - wins!.

okay i will start,

The running time for sweeney todd is 116 minutes ♥

i bet you didnt know that XD

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over a year ago Fyrwenn said…
Tim has said that hey had to take 75 takes when Sweeney just says: Hi!
over a year ago SweeneyTodd2010 said…
When does Sweeney ever say "Hi!" in the movie?
And how are you people finding out about all these facts?
over a year ago SweeneyTodd2010 said…
MarlenaLovett: "Johnny Depp said that lathering Alan Rickman with the shaving cream during the song "My Friends" was one of the most akward moments of his life.
Johnny Depp couldn't get down the graceful motions need in the "Final Scene" so Helena and Johnny were put on a spinning machine to make them look like they were dancing smoothly. But, the day they were doing that Helena had morning sickness (because she waqs pregant) and about every five minutes she had to stop and sit down. "

First of all... He lathered Alan Rickman with shaving cream in Pretty Women, I'm almost sure it wasnt in My Friends. But I definitely understand that. I wonder how many takes it took for him to do it without laughing. I just did a shaving cream test on one of my friends, because I will be filming a Pretty Women remake from the movie next weekend, and it was very hard to apply shaving cream and shave my friend without laughing hysterically. Also filming a Final Scene remake, so we will see if I am able to dance smoothly lol