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sweet valley high
sweet valley
I want this T-shirt!!!
sweet valley
sweet valley
sweet valley
sweet valley
sweet valley
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The fans pick: Todd Wilkins (SVK, SVT, SVH, SVU)
Todd Wilkins (SVK, SVT, SVH,...
Jeffrey French (SVH)
The fans pick: They're a package deal
They're a package deal
The fans pick: Heck yes!
Heck yes!
Heck NO!
The fans pick: only jessica would be
only jessica would be
only elizabeth would be
No fans have voted yet.
Yes, it was great!
Yes, it was as bad/ worse than...
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april333 said …
Thank you Francine Pascal for creating such an incredible book series, and thank you Kate Williams for your awesome plots and story lines!!! Posted over a year ago
april333 said …
Sweet Valley High is a book series that goes down in history for me! The Wakefield twins were such a big part of my life when I was younger, and I love that the club icon is the original cover photo from "Double Love", the first book EVER written for the series! Brittany and Cynthia Daniel are beautiful girls, but I just can't help picturing Elizabeth and Jessica the way they look on the original book covers. In my mind, that is how they will always look :) Posted over a year ago