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Opinion by CHikHEN posted over a year ago
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An Athlete is always up before the crack of dawn. There are no excuses no if ands or buts. There is no off seson for a good athlete,its just more opportunity to trane. Dont bother asking us whats on telavision we wont know. Three to five days a week plus weekends are devoted to practice. Dateing is erelavent we dont have time.

This is the life of a swimmer. The feel of a suit straps cutting into your shoulders. The goggle marks that last 14-24 minuts after a race. Waiting 7 hours at a time before eating. All for the rush seeing your opponent on the block beside you when the starting timer goes off and to shake their hand after a victory.

Opinion by livi_wells posted over a year ago
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1) We're always wet and ready to go fast
2) We're always nearly naked
3) No matter how tired we get, we can always keep going
4) Good on our stomach or on our back
5) We prefer latex on our head
6) We dive right in and get started
7) We always put in a hard thrust at the very end
8) We like the pull boy between our legs
9) We can stroke it in 4 different ways
10) Eye protection is sometimes necessary
11) Butterfly...hump it hump it
12) We've been trained well... lots of training to get this good ...
13) We have excellent endurance and stamina
14) Strong forearms for well, ya know...
15) 6am-6pm we're ready anytime
16) We can perform well anywhere
17) We don't mind it when it gets a little rough
18) We are ready to go on command