When i first heard about Sword Art Online i thought it would be something i would like. i didn't know that it would lead me to a whole new life! SAO totally changed my attitude, my thoughts, my actions, even how i dress. When i saw the first episode of SAO i became addicted right away! I finished the first season in about a week or less. Now every Saturday i watch the new GGO episode. SAO made me want to watch other anime. My brother pointed a couple of anime out to me and next thing i new i was watching anime all the time and i was buying anime shirts, bracelets, lanyards, and some other awesome stuff. My family calls me addicted and that may be true, but at least i'm happily addicted and not one of those people that's addicted to something they wish they weren't addicted to. anime is very important to me and if anyone takes it away from me i wont forgive them! SAO is my favorite anime and most likely will always be. it's hard to find an anime that is better than SAO. Not only is SAO awesome but they have some of the best theme songs ever! I love all of the theme songs, but my favorite is crossing field by LiSA. I hope who ever is reading this agrees that SAO is one of the BEST anime ever created!