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Opinion by bijan posted over a year ago
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this year is 8th year of listening to system of a down , right now i'm listening to them :((can you say brain washing,bbbb-brain waa-shiing)) this is really very disgusting because you can't explain it you can't open it and you can't talk about it ....
but you can deeply believe it soad is great because you can't tell everybody about them(actually You don't want) because they can't be public and you want them for yourself and don't want anyone know that there is a band like system of a down we love them because they make an unexplainable happiness of being lonely.
we love shavo's beard and his dreams we love daron because of his mysterious face and serj when he sing a song and look to the sky and laugh and even john , he is always angry like there is a pain that don't let him to be happy.
Their lyrics their behaviours their skills in playing instruments and their MYSTICAL performance ... they are superhumans they make you cry,make you angry,and make you laugh,
they destroy you from the inside for example in last 1 minute of PSYCHO song daron plays a great awesome solo i don't know about you but when i listen to it i'm not on earth i fly i cry and i'm free to roam in the sky,it make me imagine a place with yellow grasses and just one tree in the middle of a field and under the tree there are familiar persons that i don't know them and then the dream ends.
that was just an example what i want to say you is : what is their mystery what's their way of success , really ! what's the reason of increasing their fans after 3 year of their hiatus ?
Great solos,great drums,great video shoots,great voice,are these things reasons to make a musical empire ?
actually no,there is another thing behind the system of a down,that's kindness,that's love and that's peace and every thing you can name it.
killing of our kind in BOOM ! , goodbyes of streamline , call of a righteous man ,pulling the tapeworms out of our asses,choping suicide or being PSYCHO or even BRAINWASHING ?!?!?!

Reality Behind The Joke
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