(Sonic had become bored because he only had to save the world and not having fun..)

Sonic-Man...I am Bored......

Tails-Yeah..Me too...

Knuckles-Me three..

Sonic-How about playing a game?

Tails and Knuckles-OK!!!

(They arrived at Tails house.)

Tails-Hey sonic..I have brought a new sonic game from a creepy looking store which had a creepy looking shopkeeper...

Sonic-What's the game name?

Tails-It's called Sonic R..But the shopkeeper said inside this game there is a ghost...

Knuckles-The shopkeeper must be mad..Let's play!!!

(They started playing and they didn't stop playing until the sun goes down..)

Sonic -Well..This game has become boring..But the songs in this game is cool..Let's hear them..

(They started hearing "Can you feel the sunshine..")

Sonic-Well..I have become bored than ever...

(Suddenly..Our three heroes started hearing a creepy voice..)

???-iF yOU arE borED,coME oUT anD leT'S plAY!!!

Tails-Who's there?

(Suddenly,a figure started appearing and it looks like a dool version of tails!!)

Tails Doll-weLL,weLL,loOK whAT haVE wE heRE!A hedgEHOG and hIS tWO beST friENDS!!!

Knuckles-Ahh!It's the legendary tails doll!!!

Sonic-The tails who?

Knuckles-It will eat our souls!Run!!!!

(Soo..They ran away from the tails doll..)

Sonic-Soo..What was that anyway?

Knuckles-It's a ghost that can eat your souls..

(Suddenly,Tails started crying..)


Knuckles-There's only one way to stop the tails doll...By turning into Super Sonic....

Sonic-Ok then..

(He turned into super sonic and went inside the house...)

Sonic-Hey dolly...Wanna play?

Tails doll-aH!!!fiRE!!!!!yOU haVE nOT seEN tHE laST oF mE!!!!

(Suddenly,Tails doll dissapeared..)


Sonic-No problem..Only one thing to do...

(Sonic started making a fire...)

Tails-What are you doing,sonic???

Sonic-I am destroying the Sonic R disk..If it falls into some one's hands...They will also have trouble..

Tails-But sonic,This game has been transported into many places..I guess tails doll is invincible...This time...Tails doll won...

Knuckles-And that means,The whole world will have to suffer...Oh no...