Tiana is a bit irritating
I saw TPATF last night and although I love hand drawn animation but I felt that there was something missing in this film. Sure it was sweet and funny but the songs were so forgettable I don’t even know the songs off by heart like the songs in Tangled. So I am going to do an article on the two to explain why I rather Tangled than PATF.


Princess & the frog

Tiana: First up its Tiana and I have to say she really irritates me I dunno why she’s like a pure rip off of Belle & Cinderella in a different skin tone. Her singing is ok.

Naveen: One of the hottest Disney princes ever but my only problem I have with him is that he is a real ladies man honestly what if he breaks Tiana’s heart and she would be miserable for the rest of her life. I love how he says bedonsa( I know what he says but im not sure how to spell it).


Rapunzel: I describe her as a caricature version of Mandy Moore because (well if you seen the film you will understand its all got to do with the hair). I like how she’s stubborn, adventurous, dainty, cute and a bit of a hippie. She has to be my favourite Disney Princess(first CGI princess since Fiona in Shrek) and I liked Mandy Moore as I was a fan of her music since I was a child.

Flynn Rider aka Eugene Fitzherbert: I must say he is one hell of a prince/thief. His funny,charming,like Naveen a bit of a ladies man but not as bad as him,caring,loving, and very handsome. His like a combination of Johnny Depp(goatee beard/adventurous ways ) and Zac Levi(features). Plus you gotta love his singing and his speaking voice.


PATF: Princess and the frog is loosely based on a book called The Frog Prince and its about a hardworking waitress who dreams of opening up her own restaurant. She of course meets a frog who is a prince and was transformed as a frog by a voodoo doctor. She kisses him and she too turns into a frog. They go on a crazy adventure together and even fall in love.

Tangled: A twisted version of the Brother’s Grimns fairytale and this one is about a handsome rogue thief who stumbles across a isolated tower and thinks that it’s the perfect place to hid his stolen crown little does he realise a beautiful maiden(who is a lost princess). She tells him that she is dreaming of seeing the lantern lights and of course he decides to bring her in a hair raising adventure that contains romance,death,heartwarming,hilarious consequences.

The reason why I think Tangled is better than PATF is because of the following:

#1 Hilarious charchters:Eugene Fitzherbert is hilarious(you should know that this is the strangest thing I have ever done how about a two out of three).

#2 Beautiful animation(the lantern scene was beautiful and the whole film had beautiful scenes).

#3 Music was memorable(I see the light, When will my life begin reprise love these songs).Alan Menken says it all.

#4 A nice story: I like how Eugene Fitzherbert starts off as this sleazy arrogant moron who goes by the name Flynn Rider and he becomes more caring and loving towards the middle of the film. I liked how he also saved Rapunzel’s life and sort of dies in the end only to be saved by Rapunzel’s tears( as her hair was cut off in the end and turned to brown).

#5 Hilarious sidekicks: Pascal & Maximus love these two.

#6 Nice happy ending: Loved the ending as I liked how Eugene became a Prince (Prince Eugene of Cornea LOL) and he didn’t marry Rapunzel until a few years later(according to the narrator which is Fitzherbert)and you see the lanterns in the end when you see Rapunzel’s real home(the castle).

#7 Hilarious villain: Mother Gothel she is so evil and cracked the woman is obsessed with being young LOL. She reminds me of Susan Sarandon meets Cher.

#8 Nice voice talents: Mandy Moore was perfect for the role and Zac Levi was very good as the voice of Flynn Rider aka Eugene Fitzherbert.

#9 A kind of film you wouldn’t get tired of : I love watching clips of it despite the fact I saw it in 3D last month. I love Rapunzel & Eugene’s relationship.

Naveen was cute but cocky
The ending to PATF was too quick
I love how she stands up to Eugene and her personailty
Eugene Fitzherbert (aka Flynn Rider) is the hottest CGI charcther around.
I love how Eugene becomes a prince in the end.
T:T such a sad scene
I love how Eugene protected Rapunzel and sort of died in the end. T:T
I am literally hooked to this scene. I love the song I see the light.