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Opinion by LisaForde2 posted over a year ago
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Shrek (2001-2010) long live Shrek.
Ok I love both of these movies very much as there funny smart and suitable for adults and kids. Here’s a little question for you all what do you get if you add musical hit numbers a handsome rogue theif and a princess with a lot of attitude who has enchanted hair you get Tangled. Take out the rest and you get Shrek.Shrek: First up is Shrek and I am going to talk about the characters. Shrek is a selfish, manipulative ogre who only cares about himself  and he befriends an annoying donkey who has no name only Donkey and later in the sequels he befriends a cat named Puss in Boots. In the 1st movie he falls for a princess named Fiona who has a lot of attitude and is also an ogre and she transforms into one. The story of Shrek is like Enchanted it mocks the fairytales and the brother grimn fairytales from Rapunzel to Snow White. Its very funny as Donkey makes me laugh out loud all the time and I like Shrek because even though his manipulative but deep down he is a nice shy ogre.The villains in Shrek are ok I guess Lord Farquad was hilarious and Prince Charming(who looks like a girl in drag) was another one I liked. The chemistry between Fiona and Shrek is sweet yet it looks like Belle...
Opinion by blurayz3 posted over a year ago
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Rapunzel is beautiful, Fiona is plain.
Take one brother grimm fairytale, then add a Chameleon and a swahsbuckling horse, and you get Tangled. Take on Ogre with an annoying accent, mix it in with lots of other Fairytales I forgot about, finally, add some sort of utopia ruled by a talking Frog, and you get the Shrek franchise.


Eugine Vs Shrek

Both outcasts, both cynical, sarcastic, and abit cocky, they are two very strong characters. Eugine is sly, quick witted, eloquent, and has a charming brogue. Being a criminal, he isn't good friends with the Kingdom, and he gets mixed in with the wrong crowd(The stabbington brothers) all too often. He's not bad with the ladies, or, so he says, and he can be abit of a hearthrob, with his little goatee, and his awesome hair. Shrek, is, hoowever, the type of person you would want to meet in a dark alleyway. Impatient, intimidating, and very neurotic, he is more animalistic-territorial'My swamp, ger' out!' etc etc. So why is he such a strong character? Well, the fact Dreamworks have ever made me feel sorry for an Ogre is quite a feat-usually, I wouldnt have much sympathy for an Ogre with an irritating voice, but, I have...
Fan fiction by blurayz3 posted over a year ago
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Eugine [narrating]:Hi.You remember me. Im Euguine Fitzherbet, and this is the story of how i saved the woman I love, and It starts, with me In bed.I had been dating Rapunzel for nearly a year, and I was working towards proposing, slowly, but surley. Anyway, in one day, our relationship got kinda difficult;

[Close up of Eugine lying in bed, suddenly, Pascal's tounge flies into his ear, and he wakes up in shock]


Rapunzel[Looming over him with two cups of coffee]:Morning!

Eugine[Rubbing his eyes to wake himself up]:Urgh...morning... what time is It?How long have you been awake?[Looks at clock, realises its 8am]

Rapunzel[Handing him a cup of cofee]:Oh you know....scince 5, [Excitedley] I couldn't sleep!

Eugine:Why?[Sips coffee]

Rapunzel:Well...It's kind of a special day to me Eugine...

Eugine[Thinking to himself]:Oh no!What is today? What is today[frantically]WHAT IS TODAY?? [Looks at Rapunzel, she gives him an impatient, upset look]ok, ok...calm down...i have to take a shot!