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Fan fiction by blurayz3 posted over a year ago
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Eugine [narrating]:Hi.You remember me. Im Euguine Fitzherbet, and this is the story of how i saved the woman I love, and It starts, with me In bed.I had been dating Rapunzel for nearly a year, and I was working towards proposing, slowly, but surley. Anyway, in one day, our relationship got kinda difficult;

[Close up of Eugine lying in bed, suddenly, Pascal's tounge flies into his ear, and he wakes up in shock]


Rapunzel[Looming over him with two cups of coffee]:Morning!

Eugine[Rubbing his eyes to wake himself up]:Urgh...morning... what time is It?How long have you been awake?[Looks at clock, realises its 8am]

Rapunzel[Handing him a cup of cofee]:Oh you know....scince 5, [Excitedley] I couldn't sleep!

Eugine:Why?[Sips coffee]

Rapunzel:Well...It's kind of a special day to me Eugine...

Eugine[Thinking to himself]:Oh no!What is today? What is today[frantically]WHAT IS TODAY?? [Looks at Rapunzel, she gives him an impatient, upset look]ok, ok...calm down...i have to take a shot!
Fan fiction by Puffedwarrior posted over a year ago
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Three years of asking. Three years of waiting. Three years of studying. Three years eventually paid off.
Three years of asking, "Rapunzel, let's ditch the studying- c'mon, let's get married!"
And each time she would giggle. "Eugene, you know we're not aloud until our studying for becoming king and queen has paid off. You know I would love to, but I'm not one to break the rules, you know that."
Eugene put his arm around her and smiled, pulling her close. "But I am."
Giving a sarcastic laugh, Rapunzel grabbed his shirt collar and pressed her lips to his. Pulling away, she stared into his eyes, smiling nonchalantly. "Not anymore you aren't if you're going to be future king!"
That was how it usually went.
But one night, on Rapunzel's twenty-first birthday, Eugene had mentioned it again as they sat in the same boat watching the lanterns dance across the sky as they did three years ago. "Just not to get out of practice...." he began, "will you marry me?"
Fan fiction by blurayz3 posted over a year ago
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Eugine had forgot Rapunzel's 19th birthday, causing a row between the two. Rapunzel had been very stressed latley, she wasn't ready to take over the kingdom, and her father had grown gravley ill.After the row, Rapunzel is approached by a shady character, twice her height, in a cloack, covering his face. All that was present was a black curly beard swaying from his chin. Although at first alarming Rapunzel, he manages to calm her down before she calls the guards, saying he can help her save her father from dying. He quotes 'Your fathers a fine King.Be a sahme to see him die. But, Rapunzel, I can give you your hair back.You can make all this go away. On one condition.' He goes on to state he wants one free use of her hair, on anything he wishes, in return for giving her a potion that would restore her hair. Panic stricken, she drinks the potion, before rushing down to the Kings deathbed, and nuturing him back to health at the last second.After explaining this to Eugine, another row ensues, Eugine claiming shes put herself in danger. After this inflamed fight, Rapunzel storms out of the castle, crying, leaving Eugine to question his actions in their bedroom. Meanwhile, out in the dark...