The Taurus man
The macho or it would be right to say the stylish macho guy in the crowd is our Taurean man. Silk shirts, perfect fits, right contrasts, he is a man of style. Taurean men like their woman too to be properly turned out. Traits like strong sensuality and powerful passions ooze out of Taurean man.

The Taurean guy is extremely patient, and is practical enough to enjoy his freedom rather than have a woman clinging onto him. He wouldn’t mind a woman with some fire and spunk, which intrigues him and that is what the bull likes, a little fun, a little challenge! But the bull keeps his wit right in front of him, being deliberately stupid when it gets the vibe that you are trying to change him!

When you are in a messed up situation, the bull can be a terrific support, a pillar of calmness and common sense. He might not know what the mess is about, but he believes that every problem has a solution and most of the times he is right. The bull finds the solution just as if it was right in front of him, irrespective of the level of complications!

The financial picture of a Taurean man is always colorful and excellent. If not wealth, at least security is granted with a Taurean man! The bull when in love is blind to any sort of warnings. The more his near and dear ones point out the obstacles and the mismatch between him and his partner, the more stubborn he gets. For a Taurean man to get over a broken relationship takes a lot of time. Wounds don’t heal fast for a Taurean man. ‘Betrayal’ is one thing a bull can never ever accept. Hoping the ferocious bull to understand anything at this point is absolutely hopeless. Betrayal is the only element, which can unleash his terrifying anger.