The Taurus woman
The feminine one, the flirtatious and also the faithful one, the strong one, the patient one, the wise one, she is all-in-one, the Taurus woman. A Taurean woman is an essentially a sensible woman, who believes in practical outlook of life. They are builders by nature and they make gracious hostess. The Taurean women completely dislike weakness in any form.

The Taurus woman has the ability to match the brains with the brightest men and women, but she is not severely interested in figuring out theory of relativity or abstract subjects! There seem to be two discrete types of Taurus women: one Taurus woman is the one with perfectly made up face, great wardrobe, extravagant lifestyle, giving away an impression of self-indulgence. Often pre-occupied with her own attractiveness, she knows it very well that self-confidence and pride in herself is the best guarantee of being treated with respect. The other Taurus woman is close to nature. She supports ban on smoking, and is against the use of chemicals on plants. She is basically against everything that pollutes nature. But either ways she is solid, practical thinker.

If you have a Taurus woman as a friend, you have a friend for lifetime. She will be determined towards keeping the friendship that the two of you share. Once committed to a friendship it little matters to her whether you are right or wrong, you have committed a sin or you have made history as a hero – she will be beside you as steady as a rock. But somewhere hidden deep under will be her small expectations from you. If she does not get the deserved devotion, she is capable of sulking incessantly. Despite her childlike quality she is shrewd enough to spot pretense in behavior around her. She is one woman who will have solutions to all problems and she can stand really tall through the tough phases of life.