Chapter Twelve

    I turned to Renesmee, my tears now drying on my face.
“ Nessie, thank you for everything. Tell your whole family I will never forget what they have done for me.”
She sat there, looking impossibly perfect, and stared at me with huge brown eyes.
“ What are you doing, Mika?” Renesmee asked, her eyes narrowing slightly.
“ I’m not going to tell you. That way, when they ask, you can be honest and say you don’t know.”
She nodded slowly and then reached out a hand. She rested it lightly on my cheek and her palm burned coolly. The picture that flashed to my mind was something I knew I would never forget. Me and Jacob, surrounded by two children, dark hair and skin, but when they looked at me, they had eyes as blue as the sky. My eyes. Renesmee stood there, with Evan, obviously happy. She was trying to tell me everything would work out.
For a moment, I stood there, absorbed in what could have been. But the look that Jacob had flashed toward me when he left the house would also be something I would never forget.
I pulled back from Renesmee’s hand slowly. She looked at me hopefully.
I just shook my head and backed up a few steps.
“ Tell them thanks for me Nessie.” I said, my heart turning hard again. I turned and walked away. Jacob’s Rabbit was still parked in the drive way from where we had driven it there only a few days ago… How could such a short piece of time seem like an eternity? I squinted at it again. How could it have gotten here? We drove it home. I shook my head. However it got there, it was a miracle. Now I wouldn’t have to walk.
I climbed in quickly and turned the key, the motor starting without a hitch. I paused as Jacob’s scent surrounded me. I shook my head, clearing my thoughts. I shoved it in reverse, and turned around, then speeded toward the road. I started back towards La Push. I would get the stuff I wanted and then split. I drove on and on. I looked around. This didn’t look familiar at all. How could I get lost? This was too important. I thought back to when I had left the Cullen’s drive way. I must have turned the wrong way. I stopped the Rabbit, and looked for a place to turn around. I was surrounded by dense forest. As I looked around, something flashed in the corner of my eye. I turned toward it quickly. Jameka stood there with her head slightly tilted to one side.
“ Well, well. If it isn’t Mika.” Her voice purred.
I stared at her, my stomach starting to churn. I looked down at the door locks. There was no way that this car could keep me protected. There was no use in destroying Jacob’s car in the process.
I climbed out of the car slowly and was rewarded by the flash of Jameka’s teeth in a smile that almost looked wild.
“ Good choice Mika.” Jameka said, her crimson eyes narrowing. “ That only makes it that much easier.” She took one step forward and then another.
I closed my eyes, playing happy memories through my memory as I waited for my death. The first time I had laid eyes on Jacob. My first kiss with him. His warmth.
This actually would work out for the better. I would be out of the picture for good. No more problems.
Jameka snarled, a sound so feral, I should have run. But I was content in my little cocoon of happy memories of Jacob. Instead of running, I sank to my knees. I could hear Jameka. She was less then a foot away. Her growls were getting louder. I bit my lip and waited for pain.