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News by VictoriaJadeXo posted over a year ago
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Taylor Lautner is he really dating Chelsea Hallander I think she's a new actress coming up idk her much but i have never seen them together

I say she tweeted something about him
and then when i looked her up nothing on her. then someone tweeted That they are together then someone tweeted that they are not together

so idk
it's just rumor but i think they meet

Alot of People are on facebook talking about it? idek

Someone said:

They were on a secret relationship the public doesn't know about it but they broke up in it me of it. So the Did dated when i checked out her reps they say that it's a private and personal matter but they have no infomation on it

so i took to facebook to see if makenna posted anything also on instagram if anyone posted anything , There was a photo of Makenna and her. Idk anything else

Hope this helped

So i think it's truee they are dating
Fan fiction by MzAldisHodge posted over a year ago
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Taylor and I walked in the house from dinner and I just sighed sitting on the couch; he sat next to me pulling me on his lap which was the first intimate moment in weeks. I played with the thread of my shirt; Taylor cupped my chin so I am looking in his eyes.

Why didn't you tell me he asked?

You hate me so I just didn't I said.

Wait I don't hate you Taylor said.

Yes you do no kissing, touching or no nothing I just felt unloved I said shrugging my shoulders.

You didn't tell me that are you and the baby OK I mean how long have you known he asked?

Three weeks promise I'm six weeks now I explained.

Taylor leaned in close to my lips; but turned kissing my cheek.

That's for not telling me I can't lose you Jayeln or our baby next time please tell me how you feel so I can fix it Taylor said stroking my hand.

You can't fix my insecurities as I grow into a whale or my growing hormones that would mainly be aimed at you. Here is your way out go and you'll never see me again I said tears swelling my eyes.
Fan fiction by MzAldisHodge posted over a year ago
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I walked in the house I share with Taylor from work he is nowhere around; I threw my bag on the couch then ran down the hall to empty my stomach. I am six weeks pregnant but Taylor doesn't know; the pass few weeks we have been distant, stop eating together, argue more and sleep far apart. The last time we made love was four weeks ago; I just went upstairs to shower enjoying the warm water sliding down on my fatigue body. I finished my shower wrapping a towel around my body while drying my hair with the other; I sit on the bed putting on baby oil before walking over pulling on apple bottom skinny jeans, a black YMCMB tank top and black leather boots walking downstairs.

I sat on the counter eating mandarin oranges with cottage cheese when Taylor walked in; hey I said. He just gave me a half smile grabbing a water bottle; you want to go out to dinner with Demi and Niall I asked? Whatever you want he said heading upstairs; I sighed hopping off this is how it goes. Oh my gosh Jay can you cut the water off next time he yelled down to me; I'm sorry it wasn't that much I yelled back. I have to pay for it because the income you make from dancing is lower he yelled...