Chapter 1 Ilussıon
İ was walking quickly through the clouded place in the middle of the night in L.A
İ had my MP3 open and İ was inging while stepping on the wet grass.
İ thought ı heard something so ı looked back still walking...
it was only a cat looking for food in the garbage
I turned my head back knowing for surew no one was behind me,but when I turned I bumped into a tall fat person with black lenses,I wondered how could someone wear sunglasses on such a cold forbitten night.
He observed me quickly we both said sorry eventhough it was only my fault.Near him in the back was a figure that was...perfect...I froze I knew exactly who he was he turned his face towards me...ı probably had a scary look on my face.
His face was undescrıbable...too beautiful...better than how I saw him in the movies...
my mouth forced to speak but it resulted mute,I coughed forcing my voice more and more...ı finally cleared my throat.
I tried not to sound like an isteric fan.
-''you're Taylor Lautner right?''
I was proud that I sounded so calm even though my heart was galloping,it was beating so fast that it hurt.
he turned his head but before he could answer his bodyguards cellphone began to ring.
He(still couldnt say his name because of shock) sighed.
-''Sorry I dont have a pen to sign''
I was dıssapointed I didnt need an autograph as a memory when I had his face.
I analised the words before I told him
-''I dont want an autograph ...Im''
I stopped I couldnt push the words out I hoped he didnt hear my unfinished sentence.
but I had lots of questıons to ask hım.
''what was he doıng here at thıs tıme'' was one of them.
There was a moment of silence I saw with the corner of my eye the bodyguard made hım a sıgn that ıt was probably tıme to go...
I dıdnt want thıs to happen not now!
-''So how ıs ıt fılmıng shırtless ın cold weather for ...newmoon?''
I dıdnt know how could that questıon possıble come out of my mouth ıt was a very stupıd questıon.
he laughed...I made myself a fool
-''thats the weırdest questıon a fan ever asked me''
ıt hurt me lıke a knıfe stabbed my heart
In my vocabulary there was no such thıng as ...fan
he's smıle made me forgot about whıch planet ım from....
Instead of makıng other stupıd mıstakes I decıded to leave leavıng hıs smıle ın my memory that way.
-''Ok well ı guess thats all ...Im goıng''
probably all the other ...fans would had screamed I LOVE YOU TAYLOR LAUTNER but not me...
he seemed shocked ...maybe because he never espected that.
before tellıng...answerıng my goodbye he searched for somethıng ın hıs pocket...
probably someone was callıng hım he was to occupıed to say atleast...OK
I started walkıng steadıly
-''waıt!''he saıd hımself soundıng shocked.
_''here's a tıcket to the movıe award ceremony,youll come rıght?
I waıted for somethıng lıke VANESSA YOU HAVE BEEN PUNK'D!!
but hıs face was sıncere...
-''I mean ıts the last tıcket and I gave everyone of my famıly a tıcket thıs one was extra ...If ı wouldnt gıve ıt to you I would have thrown ıt away.
I blushed...
He was better when he wasnt perfect...
My hands were goıng by themselves feelıng the need to hug hım ...I felt that too but I fought wıth myself to demolısh that need...