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Stefy posted on Feb 02, 2010 at 05:38PM
So some of the girls agreed to have a chat forum so we can get to know each other :P
If u wanna join, just write ur name like this and i'll add it up on the list of the TaylorCraziies!!! :P

Stephanie ~ Stefy ~♥~ 29.October ~ Hyperhun<3
Anna ~ sladkoto_anna ~♥~ 2. July
Karissa ~ boardtodeath10
Merusha ~ I_Lurve_Taylor ~♥~ 10. August
Maria ~mariafan ~♥~ 19. June
Charlotte ~ iemand ~♥~ 2. May ~ Hyperbabe<3
Natasha ~ vanillamoon08 ~♥~ 23. March ~ Natie
Ada ~ AdaLove ~♥~ 21. July ~ Ada/Tonia
Diane ~ Diane1 ~♥~ 18. June
Esmira ~ nessie-eska
Sophia ~ SophiaxLautner ~♥~ 11. February

So some of the girls agreed to have a chat forum so we can get to know each other :P<br />
If u wanna
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over a year ago Stefy said…
wow that sucks :P I just came home from a damn boooooooooooooooooooooring bday party.. i seriously thought i was gonna die if i stayed there longer.. :P
over a year ago iemand said…
over a year ago Stefy said…
Knock knock!
Anyone alive here?? :P
over a year ago jacoblover10 said…
i just got home from school
over a year ago Stefy said…
School?? Really??
over a year ago iemand said…
pfff, today I got school till 4.30pm ö TORTURE !!
over a year ago Stefy said…
Awww poor u :( Hee hee im on one week holiday :P
over a year ago iemand said…
LUCKY you!! I had that last week :) but now.. it's school time again >.< why? whyyyy? x)
over a year ago Stefy said…
Ahh school is saaaad!!! Im enjoying my one week as much as i can before the exams is on..
over a year ago iemand said…
exams ö I have my exam in for weeks from now :(
over a year ago Stefy said…
I think i have it then too.. DISLIKE!
over a year ago jacoblover10 said…
over a year ago Stefy said…
Awwwww i feel so sorry for u guys :( btw, how did ur exam go?? u did well??
over a year ago jacoblover10 said…
yeah i got a a+
over a year ago Stefy said…
Wooow!!! That's Awsome :D wonder if i can get that :P
over a year ago angelgry33 said…
hi im baby
over a year ago I_Lurve_Taylor said…
school is TORTURE!!!!!!
over a year ago sladkoto_anna said…
yeah! it's so BORING
over a year ago Stefy said…
Lol yeah.. but im on holiday and wanna go back to school.. can u belive that??? im soo bored at home :O Im actually sitting here and playing Monopoly with the neighbour kids.. how lame is that? :P
over a year ago mariafan said…
OMG r u kidding!!? this must be boring!!!
over a year ago Stefy said…
sooo boring!!! but i finally got my book i was waiting for so thinkin about ditchin the kids and read it insted :P
over a year ago mariafan said…
yeah! it sounds better..
why dont u meet with ur friends?
over a year ago Stefy said…
they all have other plans.. why do u think im sooo bored? :P
Im a person who wants to do something every single day in the holidays so it's basically hard for me to not be bored :P
over a year ago mariafan said…
im bored too, especially at school..
over a year ago Stefy said…
big smile
HAHA i won on monopoly!!!! :D Yeeey, it's actually no big deal but i won 128 040 norwegian kroner. That's ALOT!! :P Lol, not real money ( i wish) :P So what's going on here???