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News by liza12354 posted 6 months ago
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TAYLOR Swift is one picky chicky.

The 24-year-old is reportedly so sick of dating duds that don’t live up to her lofty standards that she’s allegedly penned a checklist that her future boyfriends will have to live up to.
A source has told Hollywood Life that the list is so extreme, there will only be a handful of men who can actually tick all the boxes.
“She wants someone on her level when it comes to their career, plus, they have to be hot — like leading man hot,” the source said about Swift’s demands.
“And she would love a guy that can speak at least two languages.”

But wait, there’s more.
“She wants a guy that has at least one sister because she thinks it will make him a better boyfriend,” the source said.
“He has to have a good relationship with his parents, especially his mum, but he can’t be a mamma’s boy.”
Opinion by Rac801 posted 7 months ago
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The other day I was talking with a friend in the car when a T Swift song cam on. I sang along with the famous song 22 and looked over at my friend. She was plugging her ears. I turned the radio off and asked her if it was too loud. No she answered, I just don't like Taylor. I asked her why and this was her answer. Taylor wrote some fabulous country music which I would be happy to listen to, but I hate her Pop music. She is constantly breaking up with guy after guy and then she goes off and writes a song about him. My friend finished and I started. That's true, I started, but Taylor has a great voice and her songs are fantastic. Her country music rocks but give her pop songs another go. At this point the conversation ended and we started talking about something else. I thought I would share this with you so you could tell me if you agree with me or my friend.
News by Maisha24 posted 7 months ago
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When she released her first album she became really famous. When she went for her first concert her fans rushed to her.She was not in the concert but in a market. And the guards told the fans that they can not get the fans. So the fans felt very bad. Some of them got really hurt ,also ccried and scearmed- WE CAME TO SEE TAYLOR WITH SO MUCH HOPE ...WE LOVE HER SO MUCH...BUT SHE DOES NOT SHOW UP..INSTEAD WE GOT HURT....I REALLY WANTED TO MEET HER AND TELL HER HOW MUCH WE LUV HER, AND ASK DOES SHE WANT US TOO? After hearing that Taylor felt really bad. And she cried for sometime after reaching the hotel.